scat porn kinky porn <body topmargin=0 leftmargin=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0> <table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0><tr> <td valign="top" rowspan="2" width=215 BGCOLOR="#CC3366" TEXT="#080000" background="0070ce82dkcfyw.png"> <div> &nbsp;</div> <bR> <bR> <bR> <bR> <div> <A HREF="id5.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Pedal Steel Guitar / Tunings"><U>PEDAL STEEL GUITAR / TUNINGS</U></A></div> <bR> <div> <A HREF="id6.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Equipment"><U>EQUIPMENT</U></A></div> <bR> <div> <A HREF="id9.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Tunes Ive Written (and a few I Didnt)"><U>TUNES</U></A></div> <bR> <div> <A HREF="id44.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="My CDs"><U>MY </U></A><A HREF="id44.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="My CDs"><U>CD's</U></A></div> <bR> <div> <A HREF="id48.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Picture Gallery"><U>PHOTO GALLERY</U></A></div> <bR> <div> <A HREF="id8.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Gig Schedule"><U>GIG SCHEDULE</U></A></div> <bR> <div> <A HREF="id1.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Biographical Information"><U>BIOGRAPHICAL INFO</U></A></div> <bR> <div> ______________________</div> <bR> <div> to provide the author with feedback on this site please send EMail to <A HREF="" TARGET="_top" TITLE=""><U>Larry Bell</U></A></div> <bR> </td> <td valign="top" colspan=2 height=95 BGCOLOR="#CC99CC" TEXT="#080000" background="006265f3.png"> <div> <B>Welcome to . . .</B></div> <div> </div> </td> </tr><tr> <td valign="top" height=385 colspan=2 BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#080000"> <bR> <div> <TABLE BORDER="2" CELLPADDING="2" CELLSPACING="1" WIDTH="1011" BORDERCOLORLIGHT="#C0C0C0" BORDERCOLORDARK="#808080" FRAME="BOX" RULES="ALL" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0" > <tR> <tD VALIGN=TOP HEIGHT= 67 WIDTH="508"><div> <B>Welcome to </B></div> <div> <B></B></div> </tD> <tD VALIGN=TOP><NOBR><div> <B>2002 Inductee into the </B></div> <div> <B>Michigan Steel Guitar Hall of Fame</B></div> </NOBR></tD> </tR> <tR> <tD VALIGN=TOP HEIGHT= 340 ><NOBR><div> <IMG SRC="00ff4460.jpg" border=0 width="500" height="326" ALIGN="BOTTOM" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0"></div> </NOBR></tD> <tD VALIGN=TOP WIDTH="484"><div> <B><IMG SRC="11ee12c0.jpg" border=0 width="225" height="300" ALIGN="BOTTOM" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0"></B></div> </tD> </tR> </TABLE></div> <div> <B>This website includes information on the pedal steel guitar, including the categories shown on the left. &nbsp;</B></div> <div> <B>Click on those topics for more information.</B></div> <bR> <div> <B>RECENT UPDATES -- December, 2013</B></div> <div> <B>New Christmas Song -- Little Saint Nick -- see 'TUNES'</B></div> <bR> <div> <B>I'm now playing in southwest Florida with Rex Bongo &amp; the Sophisticated Hippies</B></div> <div> <B>See 'Gig Schedule' for dates/times</B></div> <bR> <bR> </td> </tr></table></body>