Fender Fat California Tele
 -- this is a very versatile guitar, with a humbucker by the fingerboard and the Tele quacker pickup by the bridge.  Great action -- nice guitar.  It is the only electric guitar heard on my cd.

Krempel MM-6/7 (1972)
Guitar and pickup maker, Patrick R. Murphy, was in the service in Germany in the 1960s.  He met a German classical guitar maker named Rainer Krempel.  Pat introduced Herr Krempel to the Martin X-bracing patterns and worked with him to produce Krempel's first steel string guitars.  THEY ARE MONSTERS.  This is the loudest acoustic guitar with good balance and tone I have ever heard.  Its characteristic tone is heard on my cd -- especially on "When You Say Nothing at All".  Most of these guitars that made it to the US were distributed by Pat Murphy.
Dobro Round Neck, Model 113 (1971)
This little box sounds really good for a roundneck -- really ballsy tone -- a lot like a squareneck.  It can be heard on my cd, especially on "When You Say Nothing at All".