The 2112:  Creating a Patch from Scratch
Patch from Scratch

Creating a Patch from Scratch
(or I'm a poet and don't know it)
Press [Program] to go to the Factory Settings
Go to Factory Patch #102 -- this is my favorite starting point.  It gives you two 1/4 and one 1/2 effects modules.  I rarely need to use more than three effects simultaneously, so this works great -- especially when I use an external reverb.
Press the [Preamp] button to bring up that module
Turn Knob 4 until you see F7 (Factory Preset #7):  Country 2 -- we'll tweak the EQ from there
Turn the Wheel until you see Compressor -- change it to F1:Light 1 and turn it ON (with Knob 1)
Turn the Wheel to Tube GEQ10 and set the 10-band EQ to 5 -- 8 -- 8 -- 5 -- 0 -- 5 -- 5 -- 5 -- 5 -- 5
Listen carefully and tweak the EQ as needed for your guitar
Turn the Wheel to Noise Gate and set it to byp using Knob 1
Turn the Wheel one step past Noise Gate, to the first Effects module ( a 1/4 module)
Turn Knob 2 until you see Delay, then turn Knob 4 to F1:300ms/20%
Edit the Delay module -- FxLvl = 20 and Fdback to give you about 3 repeats (15-20% or so)
Turn the Wheel one more step to the second Effects module (another 1/4)
Turn Knob 2 until you see Dual Cho and use Knob 1 to turn it On
Turn the Wheel one more step to the third Effects module (1/2)
(Just for fun) turn Knob 2 until you see Dual Pitch and use Knob 4 to select F6:OctUp/Down and turn it On with Knob 1
You may not like the pitch shift / octave stuff -- use this effects module for a third effect as you see fit

Now what do we have?  A good preamp setting that has been tweaked for your guitar's sound, PLUS three different effects modules that can be turned off or on at will.  You can use this as a template and/or as a starting point to make other patches.

For example, say you want

straight steel (preamp only)
extra delay
delay + chorus
delay + octave
octave + chorus

You can use this ONE PATCH to create all 8.  All you have to do is save it as a user preset, then

turn all effects off and save as 'Straight Steel'
turn delay on and save as 'Delay'
take the delay patch and add some FxLvl and/or Fdback for more delay and save as 'Extra Delay'
turn delay off, chorus on, and save as 'Chorus'
turn delay and chorus off and save as 'Octave'