The Blonde Bud
Isn't it purty????
Blonde Bud is a 1984 Sho-Bud Pro II Custom single-12 on a double-12 frame.  It is very similar in size to my Emmons (the Beast) and a bit larger than my Fessenden guitar (the Bomb), which is on a D-10 frame.  As is pretty obvious from the picture, it's a clear lacquer finish over a really nice hunk of highly figured birdseye maple.  It has the original Sho-Bud single coil pickup and sounds like it should.  

John Coop has done his magic on this guitar -- replaced the changer with his 'SuperFingers', replaced ALL of the undercarriage parts, custom gauged the rollers for my string sizes, polished the pedalbar, and lots of other stuff.  It now has 7 pedals and six knee levers and the setup is as follows:

Here's another couple of views: