The Pro -- Show Pro Single 12
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Yes, it sounds as good as it looks -- and that's hard to do !!

In fact, here's a sound clip to illustrate that fact . . .   click here for a 2 minute mp3 file

I guess I have a thing about two-tone guitars.  My last guitar was a two-tone mica finish that looks very sharp, but I must say that A.J. Nelson at Show Pro has the magic touch when it comes to natural lacquer finishes.  

The really cool thing about this guitar is that it doesn't have to get by on its looks.  It plays like a dream and is extremely well designed, thanks to Duane Marrs and Jeff Surratt.  Jeff and Gloria and the crew at Show Pro are wonderful folks to work with.

This is the first 12-string Show Pro that has been built.

Here is a closeup of the front apron

This is the setup thatís on The Pro -- pretty much the same as my other guitars.  Like my Fessy, it has tuning compensators on the 1st and 7th strings, on the A pedal (Pedal 2).  Jeff also split tuned the '0' pedal Franklin change with the A pedal to only lower G# to F#, both on the 5th and 9th strings.  Cool idea.  There's also a mechanical / spring-loaded half-stop on the 7th string F# to G that also works well for the 1st string.

Here is a picture of the evolution of the finish -- from bare wood to completion.
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And a couple more views

and a couple of the undercarriage for all you mechanics out there :-)
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