This page includes pictures and descriptions of guitars, amps, and other equipment I have used

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1.  The Current 'Stable'
I currently own one Emmons push-pull guitar, a newer Fessenden guitar (pictures and setups below), and just took delivery on the new Sho-Pro in the middle, below.


The Beast (on the left in the picture above) is a black mica 1969 Emmons single-neck 12-string guitar built on a D-12 frame, with the E9/B6 Universal Tuning, six pedals and six knee levers.  
The Beast (pictures/setup)

The (Cherry) Bomb (above right) is my cherry / birdseye mica Fessenden guitar.  It is setup almost identically to the black one, but is on a D-10 frame.  It is rapidly replacing the Beast as my favorite gigging mo-chine.
The Bomb (pictures/setup)

The Pro is my new single 12 Show Pro guitar and is the first 12 string Show Pro built.  It is setup almost identically to the cherry mica Fessy, and is also on a D-10 frame.
The Pro (pictures/setup)

2.  Alumni
The Blonde Bud is a natural lacquer guitar and it sounds great and looks great.  It has the Beast 6x6 setup with one extra pedal (B to A on 5 and 9).  I recently sold this guitar to Connie Mack in upstate New York.
The Bud (pictures/setup)

The Tank is a rosewood mica Emmons double-neck 10-string with E9 and C6 tunings and nine pedals and nine knee levers.  I sold this guitar to Brad Sarno in St. Louis.  He's giving it the TLC it deserves.  He has done some investigation and has concluded that it is actually a 1969 guitar.  Since the endplate with the S/N is not original, it is difficult to determine the exact date.
 The Tank (pictures/setup)

My black Fessenden guitar (above left) is a single-12 on a frame and a half.  It is loaded up with 8 and 8 and every useful change I could think of.  It is somewhat of an experiment done in collaboration with Jerry Fessenden to see how many levers I could cram on essentially a single neck guitar and still be playable.  It sounds great, like all of Jerry's guitars.  Click on the link below for more info.  I sold it when I got the double body cherry mica guitar.

The Black Fessy (pictures/setup)

The Babe was my 1980 black mica ZumSteel.  A single-12 on a D-10 frame, it served me well for 20 years and was my only guitar for most of that time.  I can't say enough about Bruce Zumsteg's craftsmanship and customer orientation.

The Babe (pictures forthcoming)

NOTE:  I'll add some other pictures of my ZumSteel and MSA guitars when I can get them scanned.

 I happened upon a pair of 1970 Standel Custom 15's.  I play small venues with one and larger ones with both.  This link leads to pictures of my favorite steel amp of all time.

The Twins

My current favorite mult-fx box is the Boss GT-6.  It does amp modeling and is the equivalent of a dozen stomp boxes in one unit.  

My alternate 'small gig rig' consists of a 1976 Peavey Session 400 amp which has been removed from the original cabinet and installed in a smaller cabinet built by my friend (and KILLER guitar player) Jack Dailey to house just the amplifier and reverb tank.  I use amp reverb, a Boss DD-5 delay, a Goodrich Super-Bro Dobro Simulator, and a Digitech RP-100 multi-effects/modeling unit for chorus, flange, distortion, and other effects.

Small Gig Gear

I sometimes use a Digitech 2112 as a preamp and signal processor.  The link below describes how I use that processor to get what I feel is an appropriate steel guitar sound

Pedal Steel Player's Guide to the Digitech 2112

I also play six-string and Dobro.

Guitars / Dobro